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Disclaimer: Age I- Age of Darkness  is a manga and it's meant to be read from right to left!

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Chapter 1

In an age where darkness terrorizes humanity, a humble family of farmers
lives in the countryside, near the village of Kamar. Their peaceaful lives
will be shattered as soon as Drake, the eldest son of the family, falls
sick to an unknown illness. The tragedy begins... the birth of a legend.

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Chapter 2

After being in a coma for nearly two months, Frederick and Nigel are sent to 
an orphanage in order to start a new life. Things will soon take a turn
for the worse.

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Chapter 3

Frederick and Nigel seek a way to escape from Sunwoods orphanage with the help of their new friend Pais. Will they make it?

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Chapter 4

After successfully escaping from the orphanage, the two brothers are rescued by Lord Kingstone, a noble man with a kind heart. Three years later, Frederick and Nigel are met by a strange individual.

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Chapter 5

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